Common Questions...

We speak, English, French and Spanish. Our spiritual minister speaks also German.
1. Originals and copies of both parties’ passports.
2. Originals and copies of your tourist cards (you will receive these during your incoming flight).
3. Four witnesses with copied and original passports and a copy of their tourist cards (if needed, we can provide witnesses for you). “Witnesses must be a minimum of 18 years of age and may be related by blood to the couple; they may even their children. There are no restrictions on witnesses other than age.”
4. Payment to City Hall of the civil wedding fees (can be paid just before the wedding).
5. Blood test for both parties (has to be done in Mexico no more than 15 days before the wedding date, results are delivered the following day)
6. Wedding request form.
All documents issued in one country that are going to be used in another must be certified. The type of certification that is required in Mexico is called the Apostille Seal. To get this seal contact the government office that issued your birth certificate and they will direct you to the correct department.
A legally binding marriage in Mexico must take place before a Judge. The spiritual ceremonies provided by Papillon Weddings are not legally recognized but are rather designed to allow couple to express themselves in non-traditional ways. If you want to be legally married and have a spiritual ceremony this can be easily arranged.
In order to get the necessary paperwork done before a civil wedding you must be on site at least 3 days in advance.
There’s no paperwork to do in this case, but we suggest that you arrive two days before so you have time to relax and get a bit of pampering before the big event!
The short answer is no. However, since our spiritual ceremonies are not legal in nature, they are open to gays, lesbians and straights alike! Gay and lesbian marriages while not legal in Mexico can, like all our ceremonies, carry the spiritual weight many couples are looking for.
Each Papillon event is unique. Please feel free to pick and choose from the services we offer, but don’t be limited by lists, tell us your vision and we’ll make it happen! Our event planning is designed to be hassle free for you. We will take care of all the details, from venue and chair rentals to entertainment, and spa services to honeymoon arrangements, relax and leave the heavy lifting to us!
There is an extensive range of venues on Isla Mujeres, in Cancun and throughout the Mayan Riviera to make your wedding day the romantic and intimate experience you have always dreamed of. Since we are not affiliated with any resort or restaurant, you are free to have your wedding where you want it and the way you want it.
Both locations can be easily reached by flying first to Cancun. From there it is a 1-3 hours drive by land to a variety of destinations on the Riviera and, to get to Isla Mujeres, a short 15-minute ferry ride.
Papillon Weddings does not do package events. Each event is unique. Prices are therefore based on the size of your party and the services we agree that Papillon Weddings will organize on your behalf.